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If you are looking for an ideal drum then it must be made out of wood, it gives it the originality but if you seek for looks then maybe metal might be your thing, so I always believe in having a quality one instead of attractive.

I really have not obverse anything like that, I feel itís just whatever we like, if we like drums more than they play that, I have not seen itís given by force to anyone as itís just not possible for it to work well in such situation.

When it comes to drums there are so many out there and not just so many but there are all type of ones, I mean there are different drums according to the countries, I have seen Turkish ones and we can easily find Arabic, so there are many like that, but I do like to know which one is best?

This is call real art, it can be understood only by a person who is passionate and determined, if we do with them itís like body without soul, so we can learn these minor technique only when we put our heart into it and thatís not easy.

Niri already explained it perfectly and my personal favorite is Kawala as I am more connected to that and I also like the sound of it but there is no big difference in their sound as both are like brothers from same family, so just minor difference and thatís really it.

I heard Kawala sound in my college concert, it was because we all had different stuff given to play, i got Darbuka (my group) while there were almost every instrument there and since then my interest in these started and I really love it.

Ney, Kawala Lovers / Re: Where is the nest place to buy a ney?
« on: May 14, 2015, 04:43:59 PM »
I think you should rather look for online purchase, itís less expensive I have seen many shops and they charge 50% extra to what we could get on Amazon or eBay, but of course you need to look at quality first before deciding which to buy.

To be completely honest I feel that skin is not connected to sound, so whatever we select it is not going make any difference to the sound, I just look for one which is cool and attractive, but at end of the day I am fairly happy with whatever is on offer.

Doumbek, Darbuka Lovers / Re: The best place to buy a pearl doumbek
« on: May 14, 2015, 04:36:48 PM »
I have visited several shops that are famous for pearl doumbek, but I found them to be overly expensive, itís not that I am saying itís low quality but they charge more due to been few stores and thatís why I really like the link thatís provided above, itís lower price and definitely higher quality.

We should be selecting the size thatís comfortable and it does not matter whether itís big or small, if we are comfortable with it then there is absolutely nothing else that we should look at and I select with what i feel most comfortable.

I am just starting out with these instruments and yesterday I went to a shop where I liked Pearl Darbuka, but it was so expensive yet I am really interested, so I just want to know whether replacements part are easily found or not?

This is a question thatís on my mind from last few weeks as I wanted to learn but a person is asking for 100 USD per week till and the course is 6 weeks, so 600 USD is huge amount, so do you think I should pay it? Is it worth it?

Buy & Sell Darbuka / What's your latest purchase?
« on: May 14, 2015, 04:06:47 PM »
I just recently got interest in musical instruments, itís strange that before I had no interest when I was in school and even early on in college, but in my last year my friends invited me and I joined him with for a Darbuka play and now I like it so much that I want to purchase it so whatís your last purchase?

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