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We have found Arabian darbuka Mostly. The original "dumbek/Darbuka" is a ceramic drum, usually made of terracotta, with a very thin fish skin stretched over it. There are also wooden models with goatskin heads. These are the truly traditional dumbeks, and they come in many variations of shape depending on the culture from which they come.

The first thing I do when I pick up a new darbuka, I give it a nice healthy Doum. An open, resonant, and deep Doum sound, should tell me if this darbuka is healthy or “doesn’t feel good”. If I hear that the Doum is choked, and doesn’t resonate, than it’s not a good sounding darbuka, and I move to the next one.

Hello, Thanks for your good description. I think that when the oud is completed, the newly furnished wood will turn out to be beautiful!!
keep it up!  ;) 8)

I like the most common type of Oud is an Arabic Oud. It is the most romantic sounding of all the Oud types. It has a deep, round, and well-balanced sound. The highest strings cut through and stick out through an ensemble, and the bass strings give a nice smooth rumble. Its  soundboard is thicker than Turkish Ouds in comparison. Overall like an Arabic Oud.

Buy & Sell Oud / The New Oud I just Bought. Good Oud ?
« on: October 14, 2015, 05:32:48 AM »
This is the oud i bought, it was $400 new from Amazon, with soft cover. I'm a beginner, so don't need something too expensive yet. Do you think the sound quality will be good on something like this? This is the description the gave me for it:

*The OUD4 is approximately 32 inches long, 14.5 wide, and 9 deep.
*The soundboard is a light colored wood that is left un-finished for better sound quality.
*The Sound-holes are lace-like. Around each sound hole on the soundboard are faux nacre mosaics. There is a dark decorated plate     
  under the strings that protects the soundboard while the instrument is being played.
*The body and neck are stave construction with straight line inlays between the staves.
*There are eleven strings. The first course, of two strings, is nylon. The next three courses of two strings each are nylon wound. The
  last course of two strings and the final low string are nylon wound with copper.

I appreciate your help.

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