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You should agree with, that those point of view may touch mostly professional and advanced players. From your asking I understand that your problems mainly is in choice of a moderate speed to learn and how to adjust a metronome as a beginner.

So we are counting quarters as usual. 100-120 might be to fast for training, I'd do it with 50-80 until you can hold the speed for a continuous playing of about 10 minutes. Only then I'd try to increase it in steps by 10+ up to the original speed.

With an mechanical metronome every beat is a quarter. All subdivisions you make in your mind. Electronic metronome can play you a whole time signature with a different sound for main beat.

Hi, SailBum, the time signature may be really a bit confusing with Arab rhythms. The problem - time signature is a product of western rhythmic and music theory. It was added to Arab music only about middle of last century trying to find some common standard for different schools in Arabic world and also to build bridges from Eastern to Western culture.

That means, time signature may give you some information on musical interpretation of an Arab rhythm, but only when you are fit in rhythmical interpretation of Western classical music.

An example: That Maqsum usually is in 4/4 notation in Arab classics, but there is another folkloric rhythm from Epypt called "Fellahi"with an absolutely identical base, only it comes a lot faster. To mark the difference, you may find a 4/8 signature at Fellahi pieces. To understand that,  you need a strong education what's actually the difference between quarter and eighth both as a note and a rest. If you have not the feeling you may find only a difference in speed playing a Fellahi twice that fast like a Maqsum. Otherwise sometimes you can find a Maqsum in 2/4 what underlines the Arab understanding of the structure of that rhythm, but it is not in relation with right  timing, when you would play it straight like 2/4 in western music.

From that we can take as conclusion that time signature maybe a useful tool to subdivide and classificate Arab rhythms, but it would be wrong to find an interpretation according only to it.

I asked his holiness
Google to show me the way:
31 steps up to jolliness!
- That made my day.

0. Who likes it in pics

...and here are the 31 Shades of Earl Grey:

... what is the trolling in this thread ?

… even this:
huh? if you are son of 1 man than point that out.
are you son of 1 man ? do you think like that ?

… and those
nah nah they may be … for you but not for me
stuff brings an slightly aggressive note to the arguments, am I right?! - That is what we name "trolling".

And then may you ask me, why at least I didn't response yet on your "authorities" approach…

It's my way showing you my respect:
I won't touch your authorities… (and this has a relation to any other person too, who might come with another authorities here to argument. You should know what I mean…)

If you wish to talk on "authorities" especially  - oh it's o.k.- but it might be really a short talk - unless we find something common in our arguments on life!!!

So, araza, please calm down! - We may talk on Mid East Musics and its relations to spiritual life, i.e. by Sufis, or any religion at least. - It's your choice to stay and maybe to learn something new, but I understand, that musics rather isn't in your life interests! - So you may leave us … - How I said: That is your choice!

Hi bsfloyd, I was waiting for you ...
Don't know why araza opened his topic in this forums part, but let me explain why I think it's not absolutely wrong here: The opening asking was us to remember what actually happened in moment of our birth. I don't know but I were interested in long before and years ago I directly asked my Mum what is in her memory of those minutes. What do you think?! - Even my mother couldn't tell me any detail!!

And now I'm sure only in one thing: In moment of my birth I took my first breathe in this life on this world and I will continue to inhale / exhale until it's coming to an end. - And now the Ney - the most spiritual, in my eyes,  instrument of the Middle East - playing the Ney, whole thing  is in breathing! - Breathing is life as well as playing a flute, and you, araza, call all the music a show only - what a pitiful opinion!

That is it, what musicians do - they play... Great musicians play great - that makes a difference.

Hi araza, wow, what a lot of words to our two/three members, who's just here now....!?
Anyway, you're welcome. Since spirituality is great motivation for great musicians, let's talk about...!

Darbuka Sound & Video Clips / Re: Help needed to identify a ryhtm
« on: June 15, 2019, 05:57:40 PM »
Sorry, I have that "syncopated" feeling with Piano too, but my count is absolutely straight on every 2nd beat! - ... have no more words ...

Ney, Kawala Lovers / Re: Everything is Flat!
« on: June 15, 2019, 05:52:42 PM »
Hi Yildiz,
after about a month, is your problem still evident?! - Me, I'm not succeeded to play on any flute - and Niri seems to be busy, busy a lot these days....

Now I remembered your topic not having any answer, I read over your question again. As an technician I might have some idea of what you're talking about - and now realised, that you don't have your problem with plastic Ney, while same troubles with all the reed, isnit?! - Then all problem is within material!!!

I think, reed as a natural recource should be a bit porous and "breathing", not so synthetics. So, you cannot avoid some lost of air in a dry reed tube. I wondered, might be to find even your problem in that. And than I found an advice to water your Ney every time before using...! Look here

pretty at the end.

I'd like to hear, my tip does work or not!
And good luck for your performance in August.

Darbuka Sound & Video Clips / Re: Help needed to identify a ryhtm
« on: June 14, 2019, 06:50:31 PM »
Hi, David, sorry it's all in process...

My 1st script was on a hypothesis of a 19 beat pattern related to the Piano chords as beat. - Now we have information that's a 5/4 base and Udu gives the timing! That means the Piano actually plays half notes, so we really have 38 beats instead of 19 in first part! There is a Cymbal playng the beats in 1st record.

I try to rewrite whole script, here is the beginning:

1 - + - 2 - + - 3 - + - 4 - + - 5 - + - |
P===----        P===----        P===----| Piano
O       X   O   .   X   O   -   X     X | Udu
D   -   t   k   D   k   s   -   t   k   | Darbouka

1 - + - 2 - + - 3 - + - 4 - + - 5 - + - |
        P======-        P======-        | Piano
O   v   X   O   v   X   O       X   X X | Udu
D       T   k   k   T           T   t k | Darbouka

1 - + - 2 - + - 3 - + - 4 - + - 5 - + - |
P===----        P===----        P===----| Piano
O       X   O   .   X   O   -   X     X | Udu
D   -   t   k   D   k   s   -   t   k   | Darbouka

1 - + - 2 - + - 3 - + - 4 - + - 5 - + - |
        P======-        P======-        | Piano
O   v   X   O   v   X   O       X   X X | Udu
D       T   k   k   T           T   k   | Darbouka

1 - + - 2 - + - 3 - + - 4 - + - 5 - + - |
pP==----        P===----        P===----| Piano
O       X   O   .   X   O   -   X     X | Udu
D   -   t   k   D   k   s   -   t   k   | Darbouka

1 - + - 2 - + - 3 - + - 4 - + - 5 - + - |
        P======-    p===P======-        | Piano
O   v   X   O   v   X   O       X   X X | Udu
D       T   k   k   T           T   t k | Darbouka

1 - + - 2 - + - 3 - + - 4 - + - 5 - + - |
P===----        P===----        P===----| Piano
O       X   O   .   X   O   -   X     X | Udu
D   -   t   k   D   k   s   -   t   k   | Darbouka

1 - + - 2 - + - 3 - + - | Text
        P======-        | Piano
O   v   X   O   v   X   | Udu
D       T   k   k   T   | Darbouka

Darbuka Sound & Video Clips / Re: Help needed to identify a ryhtm
« on: June 12, 2019, 01:10:10 PM »
... OMG ... I'm not the dealer!!!
 :) ;D :D ;)

Let's look over the base pattern again (to understand the strong Khaligi feeling):

Common Khaligi (Saudi) is right like Malfuf:

1 _ _ _ 2 _ _ _ 3 _ _ _ 4 _ _ _ |
D   -   -   D   -   -   T   -   |

The new pure base comes with an additional Doum at 4th beat moving the Tak to the 5th:

1 _ _ _ 2 _ _ _ 3 _ _ _ 4 _ _ _ 5 _ _ _ |
D           D           D       T       |

Do you agree?

You may find another Saudi rhythm called "Radmaan" on at the other side:

1 _ _ _ 2 _ _ _ 3 _ _ _ 4 _ _ _ 5 _ _ _ |
D           T       T   D       T       |

Darbuka Sound & Video Clips / Re: Help needed to identify a ryhtm
« on: June 09, 2019, 04:54:11 PM »
Many thanks to Mr. Mehnert for the lot of worthy material!!! - Wow, I like this topic...!

When I listened  over our 1st sample here I had an idea there must be an Udu within arrangement,  but my main impression of the piece was even that: "Hey, a Darbouka!"

So let's look the Udu pattern (sounds should be same as in introduction video to that instrument above):

bsfloyd, thank you for your transcript. - You used all "X" to show rhythm. - I changed symbols to show a relation to note heads like in pic and according sounds:
"O" is the full open tone (closing and open hole) on Udu - on Darbouka I'd prefer a Doum instead.
"X" should be played as Slaps on Udu - respectively all Tekka on Darbouka
"◇" note head or "v" in transcript might be the base sound full closing the hole! - This effect stops previous open sounding. On Darbouka we need a strong Doum followed by a Grasp: Open your palm and fingers like a fan and hit the drum slightly with little  pressure around centerfield. Motion is similar to Slap but causes a dump sound only that stops membran.

So we come to this adaptation for a Darbouka:

1 _ _ _ 2 _ _ _ 3 _ _ _ 4 _ _ _ 5 _ _ _ |
D       k   D   .   k   D       T     k |
D   g   k   D   g   k   D       T   t k |

Darbuka Sound & Video Clips / Re: Help needed to identify a ryhtm
« on: June 09, 2019, 08:53:12 AM »
Hi David,
great work!

@ bsfloyd

Darbuka Sound & Video Clips / Re: Help needed to identify a ryhtm
« on: June 07, 2019, 05:13:13 PM »
Oh dear, I'd zapped into the documentary on in March myself! - even "Oman" - it's one part of five. and stunning: Even this piece of music gathered me at all. I'd had the idea to look it over, but failed to download file from mediathek. -  So, it was a big surprise to find the request  here  - and a great motivation too...

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