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Hi, most of my drums are cheap ones - I love them all. What happened?:
I started drumming just for fun, with the one only interest to get some impression, what else can I do with my hands... I had no idea how long I would continue this hobby. Nevertheless, our teacher recommended to buy only good drums as possible just from the beginning. - 1st if you continue drumming, you will need some good instrument at least; 2nd even if you stop playing at some time, you may rather sell a professional instrument for a good price than a cheap one, for which you might never get a deal at all!
But I didn't know what is a good drum when I got started. And I learned, that there are a lot of different hand drums instead the congas. So I decided to buy different types for cheap just to get some initial idea of its playing and then to decide, what style fits me the best. I personally tested all of my drums before I bought it. And I did it only if I liked the sounds what could I get with my own skills - all but the Turkish darbuka. That was a gift by my wife, but it's a really pretty one, isn't it?
So I tried to get a good sound of my Turkish beauty almost over two years without a definite result. I missed all those sharp sounds I knew from Arab music records. Then only I asked my wife to buy a professional darbuka. I'm so happy with it. The most stuff I really learned only last year.
I'm playing all my drums now and I'm looking forward, because I just cannot imagine my life without drumming now...!!!

Ya Saqeef, you might try to get a count with this video:

Darbuka Sound & Video Clips / An absolutely amazing solo…
« on: May 27, 2015, 02:46:44 PM »
Please share your favorites or your comments.  :)

Really!? - I can't believe it.

If you were right, there should be a remarkable difference in sounds between these two samples:

Two drums with same size and shape and an identical skin too; same video set (have a look at the background) … and the same Bari not least … ;)

It maybe within my equipment, but I won't hear it different.

I'd say „maybe” on this topic. - Physically sound depends a lot of the inner surface, shape and material of the body, outside is right for show. ;-) Mother of pearl darbukas are much more expensive than simple ones on the other side. Musicians wouldn't buy such an instrument with bad sounds - it must be handcrafted with a lot of special know how and with care. That makes the difference…

It's so funny:  :)

… so what … belly dance …

Me, I had no idea of a darbuka even in 2009, when we, my wife and me, first met an Arab country. But I alraedy liked its impressive sounds, what I already knowed from arab-turk-pop and some belly dance performances seen rather. I'd had no idea to see me drumming myself that time too. I started with congas only one year later and I had no focus on Arabic music at all but on hot Salsa sounds while dancing it.

An old Turkish man joined our group later saying that he was drumming whole his life but he felt a big lack never to get any musical education with. So he was a selfmade man at all and we all loved him, all of our group. But he stayed with us only a few months then saying he must stop with big drums for his wife and for his own health. Last I'd seen him he came with the darbuka and played a solo to say thank you.
That's first time I've seen a darbuka life and never I can forget that moment! - Thereafter I found a lot of Arabic influence in Latino music and then I decided to get my own darbuka too.

That's my story. I think there is still a gap between our cultures. Much of western people i.e. would think about playing a drum with sticks only. And there is some difference in musical structures like hatmonics and rhythmics too. So I think, it's normal if there is „only” a countable lot of darbuka players in western world…

This advice is right, but don't think your progress should be same all the time. There are good days and bad days too.
Sometimes I get it in a minute, but mainly I'm trying for a long time and several times to get some stable new effect of it. It's very tricky… There is an eastern proverb saying that a master failed more times as an inexperienced tried it at all. This thing matters.  Further good luck!

Hey, what do you think: music is for mood! - Why should it not effect your playing???!

Hey, it's absolutely normal, that playing a hand-drum maybe a little painful in the beginning (same with guitar too...). Think - it's causing enormal stress on your fingertips! So what to do....?!

You may strengthen your fingers some times a day even by the way. Look to this video:

Mainly you only need a surface to hit it with your fingers. It doesn't matter wether it's a table or a book wich you may carry with you. Do it with ease and don't worry about speed: The easier it goes you may increase speed with no problem. So, whenever you have a break, you may training your fingers for a few minutes. That's first.

Next, stop drumming immediatly, when it starts hurting. Take a rest instead. - There are two kinds of pain, you should know: First is lokated in soft parts of your body. This pain is ok. You need to come closer with, it's lowering by time. But be aware, if the joints in your hand are hurting, the tendons too - that may cause serious injuries! It needs to correct your position fundamentally this case!!!

So, hopefully I might help you a little. Please tell something about your progress.

I think, this topic is a very theoretical one. - I've never seen a ceramic Doumbek with a synthetic head yet and to do first steps I'd prefer a metal corpus with synthetic skin anyway...

But nevertheless, @hylian, real good information, thank you.

Darbuka Teachers & Lessons / Re: Need lessons for a darbuka!
« on: May 15, 2015, 12:59:40 PM »
here is some sample, how to play your darbuka:

So doum, tek and slap it's same as the doumbek-style.
The ka is played with snaps. Here is a good instruction to learn this technique:

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