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Know about Mazhar !


White Bear:
The mazhar is a large, heavy tambourine used in Arabic music. The mazhar's frame is generally made out of wood. The instrument's brass jingles are quite large (4-5 inches / 1013 cm in diameter). It is played with a shaking technique that gives it a raucous sound. Its single head is considerably thicker than that of the riq, its smaller cousin.

The Egyptian percussionist Hossam Ramzy is a notable performer of the mazhar.
- Wikipedia
Take a look at that

Thank you, this video is great, but sorry, it's not that kind of mazhar showing, what you mention in text.
The mazhar of the video is a frame drum originally styled in Syria. It's called mizhar too. It's a big frame drum like tar, only the frame is deeper a lot. There are not any jingles on it.

The mazhar discribed in the text is like a bigger version of a riq. Look this video:

Hi Dhugo ,
 Thanks for the real identical information you have. Please take a look at this Pakistani mazhar player and instrument as well. is this a right one ?

Thank you for your interest. Borys Słowikowski is Polish. Perhaps the drum is made in Pakistan, but I'm not sure it's a Mazhar. Looking the video you may pay attention at the manner of the upper hand by the edge of drum. There the wrist is resting on frame. Look what makes the difference:

Let's round this topic up with that great performance:


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